The TREASUREBOX is a place for you to journal and archive all your desires for your dream ring.

TREASUREBOX is an email inbox open to receiving all your inspirations and memos for your dream ring. Use it as a "Dear Diary" to express your desires through writing, images, or drawings, sending updates via email as your thoughts evolve.

You're not addressing 'us' specifically; it's simply an archive for your desires. Feel free to express yourself without formality or excessive politeness. 

Your emails will remain archived in our TREASUREBOX until your designated key holder requests access. You'll nominate your key holder in your TREASUREBOX, granting permission for us to release your archive to them.

Ensure your key holder is aware of your TREASUREBOX, ready to be unlocked when needed. 

When the request is made, we'll compile your archive and collaborate with your key holder to create your perfect piece. Don't forget to include your ring size in your archive! 

Please note that we do not respond to emails sent to the TREASUREBOX. If you have any questions or would like to get in touch, send us an email.

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