Collections, Playroom, Custom & other

Collection pieces are a selection of timeless favourites made to order and here to stay.

These pieces are made using a mold as a blank with a fresh touch up of wax on each piece made to honour the hand and individuality.

Playroom pieces are unique and ready to be shipped.

The Playroom hosts most of my work and ebbs and flows as new pieces are made. Each one is a part of the evolving process and play of making and some of which may eventually end up in Collection pieces.

Some pieces can be re-sized upon request, others cannot- please get in touch if you are unsure. These pieces can be made on request. As they are made from scratch each time, there will be variations and only a version of itself can be guaranteed rather than a copy.

Custom pieces are new design made upon request. This process may take up to three months, sometimes more depending on the specifics of the piece. This will be communicated throughout the drafting process. You may or may not have a fully formed idea and are welcome to get in touch anytime to discuss and design a piece.


Please note that due to the organic nature of making, sizes may vary slightly though will be as close as possible to accurate. 

Sizing will be listed on unique ready-made pieces, please enquire to ask about a re-size. Not all rings can be re-sized sometimes a new version of the ring can be made to your size. 


Available pieces will be sent out within 3 working days.

Custom pieces take 2-3 months for conception, drafting, prototypes, sourcing of stones and setting to final finished product. This can always be discussed further if you have a tight timeline.


Harsh soap, oils and chemicals may have an adverse reaction with your piece.

Impact and dropping may cause damage to stones.

Pieces may oxidise and tarnish over time with exposure to elements in the air or if left unworn.

You can clean your pieces using a gentle soap, warm water and a soft brush.

You can use a polishing cloth and appropriate metal-specific cleaning solutions to polish your pieces. 

Your piece will take on scratches and character as it is worn by you- embrace these as they are a part of what makes the piece yours.

As with all things, please take care with your ZM pieces.