ZOEMCBRIDE jewellery was made to see the light of day, be grimed up by daily wear, collecting scratches and even occasionally getting lost...

It is to have a life of its own alongside yours, making it's way through ups and downs, and adorning you during both special occasions and everyday moments.

Wear it or be worn by it, ZM pieces are made to be treasured and navigate the ebbs and flows of your pace of life. From hands deep in the garden, to dancing upon the surface of the ocean and even taking a rest on the bedside table, your piece is here to see the light of day, to retreat when you do and be at the ready for your next adventure. 

Zoe McBride is a maker and designer with a background in spatial design. Zoe creates an evolving collection of sculptural pieces made to adorn the body and space. Carved and sculpted by hand, each piece is a result of play and experimentation honouring the connection between maker and material, creating jewellery and objects to be treasured and worn by the collector of curious things.

My pieces are made from wax.

I use soft wax and hard wax. Wax that I mould with my hands, softening with warmth and hardening with coldness; wax that I carve and cut and melt using hand tools.

The material in its essence is temporal and sensitive. Its form is easily compromised by too much heat, or pressure and touch. It’s impressionable and is rebuilt as easily as it is destroyed.

Then comes the moment in which the wax is lost. The wax is completely burnt out, leaving only its impression of what was. It is replaced by something which is anything but soft, warming and malleable in nature.

It’s replaced by cold (yet very hot at the time), hard, solid metal and with that transformation, it’s invited to endure years to come.


Each piece is cast from a majority of reclaimed metals and stones sourced from reputable New Zealand suppliers.