Do Not Wear


I did something recently. Something I’ve been contemplating for a while, like a couple of years… I’d made movements on the idea but it didn’t quite work like how I’d imagined. Not to say it wasn’t good, or even right, I was actually really excited about it, but I just put it on pause for a while.

I picked the idea back up recently and adapted some of the processes and you know what, I’m really happy with the outcome. It’s less about the visual process as the idea had initially been and more about the outcome and ideas that come with that.

I think I’ll call them do not wear or not for wearing …

this one’s solid 9ct yellow gold + green tourmalines


This one’s solid platinum + rubies and pink sapphires





Here is a first iteration, which produced great documentation, but after all my thinking and mentally playing out what I anticipated to happen I failed to consider that the surface tension of metal wouldn’t allow it to melt in the way I had hoped..


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