I love making these rings


I love making these rings. They’re a balance between creating something traditional and the desire to create something sculptural. As finished pieces, they satisfy the traditional in that they are wearable, functional pieces made from precious materials, yet they are made in a fluid sculptural way with my hands and material qualities of the wax at play with one another. Joins have a smooth, melted blobness to them, edges follow a natural contour and the surfaces reveal traces of the surrounding environment.

All of my pieces are made from wax. I use soft wax and hard wax. Wax that I mould with my hands and softens with the warmth -or hardens with the coldness- and wax that I carve and cut and melt using hand tools. The material in its essence is temporal and sensitive. Its form is easily compromised -by too much heat, or pressure and touch. It’s impressionable and is rebuilt as easily as it is destroyed.

Then comes the moment in which the wax is lost. The wax is completely burnt out, leaving only its impression of what was. It is replaced by something which is anything but soft, warming and malleable in nature. It’s replaced by cold (yet very hot at the time), hard, solid metal and with that transformation, it’s invited to endure years to come.



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